12 - 14 Nightal


Our heroes travel back to Vanzan’s lair. He meets them, and they depart together the next morning for Nazilli. Arriving the next day, they find the battle after several days of fighting. Things are not looking good for Izmir; the troops are demoralized, and a rear-flanking enemy force has not been detected. Trolls and ogres fight alongside Koth with unusual gusto. All of the enemy forces seem to be acting with extraordinary coordination.

The heroes rush to the command center, spreading cheer and information to the troops on the way. Sayen sings, and all spread words of encouragement. At the keep, Vanzan stays with Oremis, and Phaedrus joins the heroes as they return to the battlefield. They join up with a group of soldiers under the cover of buildings. Sayen goes with them to create an ice bridge to allow them to cross the river and attack an opposing force. She stays to reinforce the troops, while the others, under cover of invisibility, sneak around to the forest above.

Scouts wait in the forest to guide them quickly through. They have crossed half of the distance from the forest to the wizard’s camp when troops suddenly head them off and go to reinforce the enemy’s command center. Concerned but undaunted, our heroes continue to their destination. After some spells to strengthen themselves, they approach the camp. Phaedrus creates a dangling rope at the edge of the cliff, which allows the party to quickly swing around the spiky barrier to arrive without notice. A sentry does hear something during this process and eventually takes a swing at Noot, which glances off her shield with a clang, confirming the heroes’ presence.

They slip through the camp quickly, avoiding the guards, and safely reach the wizard’s tent. Slicing an entrance through the back of the tent affords them a surprise entry with mixed results. Noot’s first charge disperses the illusion of the wizard. Then the wizard appears on the other side of the tent, blurred by some spell. Noot and Virva, even with magically increased size, beat on him with difficulty. They knock over the table, blocking the usual entrance. Once the wizard finds himself pinned, he teleports away.

The heroes leave the tent by the way they came. They hear yelling on the other side, and a rain of ice falls, hurting them and destroying the tent. Charging ahead straight over the remains of the tent, Virva and Noot smash him. His death releases the magic holding the enemy’s unnatural allies together. The Kothian guards start to make a stand, but when they see what has happened to their side, they surrender. Izmiran troops quickly clean up the stragglers.



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