13 - 20 Ches

All roads lead to calamari

Sayen, Adllal, Noot, and Virva
The Bestendige clan warmly welcome their friends on board their ship, and they prepare to swiftly depart Menderes. Noot’s brother Torbin, the captain, plans to cut through deep water to shorten the journey, and he expects a fifteen-day voyage. The deep waters skirt the danger zone of the Great Sea, but the ship will stay clear. Everyone finds a way to help on the ship by the time it sets sail. The first stop will be Katala, port town on the island of Majorca.

After a week, the seas get rough and unnatural. Compelled by evil magic, a dark storm approaches unnaturally quickly. Everyone on board hastens to fasten down anything that might come loose in the high wind and waves.

Travelling on foot, Phaedrus comes across a group of tough ruffians kicking violently at a small person in the middle of a bridge. He uses a sphere of power to toss the ruffians all into the river below. The battered gnome gets up and invites Phaedrus to his home. He turns out to be a member of the Wayfarer’s Guild, formerly of the Arcane Order. Phaedrus finds out a bit more about Mim. “The Vagabond” was so named by the celestials. Another of his names is “The Wayward.” The gnome believes that cataclysms occur cyclically over the course of history, and Mim’s survival may mean he is out of sync with the natural order and the gods. Mim has visited the first temple of Pelor on a mountain in heavenly Elysium.

When asked about the navigational device, the gnome says he has one of his own for navigating the Astral Plane, but who would use it for destruction, and destroy their own ship? The next morning, Phaedrus wakes to find a note, signed only with the Wayfarer’s symbol: “You don’t get to be a 200-year-old wizard without being able to recognize someone in trouble.” With it, scrolls of Locate Object and Locate Creature and an amulet await him. The Amulet of Non-Detection will make Phaedrus appear to be on another plane. The mysterious gnome is nowhere to be found. Phaedrus opens the front door and finds himself in the library of the Arcane Order.

He spends time researching in the library, finding that his amulet allows him to slip unnoticed into the restricted section. Having learned enough, he finds fellow wizards to help him teleport to the location of his friends.

Reunited Just in Time
Phaedrus appears in mid-air and plops down onto the deck of the ship. With barely enough time for a hasty greeting, the worst of the danger appears. Adllal calls out from the crow’s nest that a yellow, squid-like sea monster has appeared in the water, just as a huge tentacle wallops the ship. The dwarves yell, “KRAKEN!” and prepare the ballista. Phaedrus and Virva find themselves a bit seasick, and soon many of the crew fall overboard due to the deep angle of the deck.

Still on his feet, Adllal leaps lightly to attack the kraken’s head. Virva transforms into a celestial warrior, growing wings and radiating great divine strength. Staying out of the kraken’s sight, she flies over the waterlogged dwarves and all of her friends, imparting to them the ability to breathe underwater. Noot attacks with her axe; she and Adllal are sever a number of the grabbing arms and tentacles. Virva dives down from above, attempting to smite the creature on the head. Sayen with her music and Phaedrus with his magic do what they can to turn the tide.

Finally, after several tries, the dwarves score a severe blow directly to the monster’s single eye. With the deeply embedded ballista still protruding from its ocular organ, the kraken gives up the fight. It releases its grip and disappears under an enormous ink cloud.

While many adventurers and sailors would simply count themselves lucky to be alive, with an intact ship to boot, our heroes are not satisfied. They desire to follow the giant yellow squid to its very lair, defeating it and preventing future ships from destruction. The hardy dwarves are delighted and agree to help track it down the next day.



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