6 - 12 Ches

Twenty questions

The Bey of Apala calls our heroes to meet with him and Vanzan. They discuss a crystal spindle, part of the same apparatus that they retrieved a piece of from the wraith’s lair. Mim had taken the other piece away. The spindle magically indicates the direction to the remaining pieces. Three pieces are generally in the direction of Mim, at the Arcane Order’s tower. (Directions to the pieces: west, northwest, northeast, east, and southwest.)

Vanzan believes someone with the wrong motives now seeks to claim the device. He and the Bey encourage our heroes to collect all eight pieces before someone else can. It has incredible power, imbued by the gods. The party discusses whether the mission is for the best. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the pieces separated, or to destroy this one now? What are Mim’s motives? Phaedrus can’t accept that his kind teacher has evil motives or that he could be unintentionally causing evil.

Virva seeks guidance from Pelor through divination:
Should we put the device back together? “You may save and destroy the world.”
Should we destroy the spindle? “It can not be destroyed.”

The party meditates on the choice before them. Virva visits her Papa to find out what he can tell her about Mim. (He doesn’t know him well, but thinks highly of Mim for fighting the necromancer at great personal cost.)

Over the next few days, Virva continues to divine Pelor’s will and wisdom:
Can the spindle be brought to the heavens? “It can not return.”
Can it be used for good? “Unparalled good.”
Should we contact Mim? “The Vagabond can not be trusted.”
Should we hide it? “. . . No.”
Should we go to Valencia? “That’s a good start.”
(Augury) Is there a better path? “Weal and woe.”
Should we do more to prepare ourselves? “Irrelevant.”
Should we travel with Noot’s family? “They are good and honorable companions. Yes.”

Meanwhile, Phaedrus does what research he can about Mim:
Mim’s history has no overt evil in it. He advises nations, and they prosper, rarely committing great evil. Mim quit advising Koth when the draconic cult took over. Phaedrus finds a possible reference to The Vagabond pre-dating the Great Cataclysm. That was over 300 years ago, and it is thought that nothing survived.

Phaedrus decides to part ways to avoid direct contact with Mim. The rest of the party finalizes plans secretly, and Phaedrus creates some scrolls to help them.

On 11 Ches, Phaedrus and the rest of the party depart, going separate ways to the sea port Menderes. They all travel uneventfully through 12 Ches.



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