8 - 11 Nightal

Ice cools; fire rules

Virva provides food for all, as promised, and purifies the stored food to boot. She and Sayen entertain the giants, telling stories and playing with the kids. Virva prepares her spells earlier than usual so that the party may break through the ice while the giants are sleeping. A sphere of silence and the darkness provide adequate stealth for Adllal to unbar the front door and slip away with several of The Jarl’s treasures. The party proceeds to the ice wall, where Virva is forced to step outside the sphere of silence to speak the spell that creates a tunnel through the ice. The party hurries through, but a quick mending of the ice does not prevent the giants from discerning the escape route.

As the heroes turn to face the room beyond, they see a glass enclosure, looking out into the lake, as this place is under water level. The magnificent view proves less interesting than the enormous chunk of ice in the middle of the chamber. Something gold lies within. Virva immediately jumps to conclusions and hurries to break through the ice to free the golden dragon. Noot thinks to examine the magical orb from The Jarl’s necklace. Virva joins in and discovers the orb can create or dismiss ice. She immediately utters the command word. Ice virtually explodes through the chamber as the golden dragon bursts out. He glances at the awe-struck heroes and immediately heads for the giants. Crashing through the ice before the giants can even end their attempts to break through, the fierce dragon is all claws and jaws and fire until every last one is dead. He returns, exhausted, to the glass chamber.

The dragon is in fact Vanzan, as suspected. He thanks the heroes for freeing him and tells them all they need to know about Nidhogrym, the white dragon who has been terrorizing Nazilli. They all rest for the night and the next day, and Vanzan continues to answer questions. His years-long imprisonment has left him weak, so he cannot yet travel. The next morning, he meets us in his half-elf form and sends the heroes on their way.

A day of travel brings them to Nidhogrym’s lair, a huge iceberg in a lake. She knows they are coming and has been waiting. Once the heroes explore the lair, they hear wings beating, and hear her taunting voice. Ice wall defenses and cautious tactics prevent the heroes from being overcome by Nidhogrym. They defeat her, and her last mocking words are, “You are so stupid . . . They’ll get you.”



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