Day 29

Name, shame

Lord Oremis blesses our heroes before they travel to investigate the forge, Izekel’s likely hideout. Upon their arrival hours later, the ersatz paladin waits expectantly outside the forge, sword in hand. She speaks cryptically of serving two masters and claims she expected the party to find her. She is glad, and she wishes to die. The party beats her down and ties her up despite her desperate attempts to cause her own death. They must leave her behind in order to explore the hidden lair underneath the forge.

Images of Nerul on the walls below have been defaced and replaced by newer images of Cas, a minor devil known for making bargains related to revenge. In the sanctuary of this evil place, a bane wraith emerges from the altar as Phaedrus and Virva go to investigate it. When asked why he attacked the party, the wraith replies, “Because she didn’t want me to.” With delight, he spins his tale of how Izekel came to her wretched state. King Dragomir had fallen from grace long before the battle with Koth, which he pursued out of desire to capture more land. He had many mistresses and even tried to seduce Izekel, his sworn protector. Soon afterward, while still emotionally reeling, Izekel came upon the cult of Nerul which had taken up the long abandoned forge. She slaughtered all of them while begging for help to save her king. Cas answered and gained her devotion for a time. However, she was tricked. On the battlefield, a wraith sent by Cas attacked Dragomir. Izekel herself delivered the final blow to kill the king and prevent him from being turned into a wraith. Trapped in her bargain with the devil, Izekel’s loyalties were painfully torn between her king’s good name, the country, and Cas.

Having delivered his morbid message, the wraith summons more of his kind, and battle ensues. The minor wraiths are dealt with easily, and the other is eventually beaten down and destroyed. Our heroes find what might be a piece of navigational equipment hidden in the altar. It is slightly magical (abjuration) and has no evil aura.

During the fight, Izekel managed to bite her tongue off and depart the mortal realm. A note written in expectation of her death profusely apologizes for everything she caused and for ending her life the way she did. It was all to protect Dragomir’s good name.

After returning to Illyria, our heroes deliver the remains of Izekel and her story to Oremis. Mim is there also, requesting the magical device, and Oremis encourages the party to hand it over.



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