Morning, Day 9
Purse prank

Seeing no other way to efficiently retrieve Ezar, our heroes head to the thieves’ district to collect him in the most direct way possible. Unfortunately, a small boy snatches Noot’s purse, and a large half-orc blocks the path to retrieve it. The half-orc is not easily brushed aside, and the adventurers find that there are others supporting the thieves on the rooftop.

Days 7 and 8
Little learning

Sayen knows that the Blue Troll is home to the thieves’ guild and Ceren, its leader. She discerns that Ezar is held there in the cellar, having been beaten and detained as a result of his massive debts. Ceren happens to be of the family Calogera, known for their corrupt ways, and Velencian rivals of Noot’s family.

Sayen and Adllal, with backup from Noot, check out the Blue Troll for possible entrances and weaknesses. All they find is the front door and a back door to the kitchen.

In the middle of the night on Day 8, Virva finally completes her study and opens some of the mysteries surrounding Arzu. She exclaims that Arzu is impersonating Oremis, mutters, paces, explains, and goes to bed.

Night, Day 6
Night light

Edging past the watchtowers, the adventuring company sneaks into Apala. Virva goes to see Ithamar at the temple of Pelor, and the rest meet up at Ilkin’s Smithy. Noot stops by the temple of Moradin to pay homage and purchase potions on the way.

After hearing her tale, Ithamar sends Virva off with a book that may reveal some of Arzu’s secrets. Ilkin gives Adllal and company a hearty and tearful welcome as they bring him news of his son. Virva finds the smithy and reads her book until sleep masters her.

Days 5 and 6

(off camera) A quiet and hasty retreat from Demir to Apala, travelling by night.

Evening, Day 5
A bitter aftertaste

With the hobgoblin dead and the other enemies on the run,Virva heals her companions and the prisoners. Many of them are hobbled from broken limbs, so they camp in a safe spot while our heroes head back to town for help. Virva determines that the demonic name scrawled inside the Quasit’s armor and tatooed on Erogly’s chest is Arzu, although none of our heroes recognize that name.

Back in Demir, our heroes find no welcome. People in the streets avoid them, and there is a disturbance in the town’s Great Hall. All that can be determined from questioning a passer-by is that Oremis is accusing the company of consorting with demons, and a cleric has been called in from out of town to attend to the matter. The weary heroes head to the Hall to confront Oremis head on.

After the cleric fills them in, Virva and Sayen lay bare all the evidence against Oremis. The townsfolk are swayed to believe the heroes are not evil at least, but Oremis claims the right to act as judge, having proved his status as a paladin by wielding his holy sword. With a touch and a subtle spell, he convinces the cleric to uphold his right despite the circumstances. A vain attempt at breaking the spell ends with our heroes leaving the Hall in care of one of the town elders. He leads them to the inn, insinuating on the way that the best course of action would be to flee under cover of night.

A mysterious figure meets them at the inn. She is immediately recognized by Sayen as Sevgi, mistress of Avandra’s hostel in Apala. Sevgi listens to the story and suggests that our heroes find Ezar in the thieves’ district of Apala. Ezar was a paladin but has become a drunken debtor of the thieves. If he can be restored, he may be able to assist in working against the evil infiltration of the paladin order.

With Sevgi’s gift of cloaks of resistance, and her support behind them, our heroes flee reluctantly into the night, covering their tracks, and wait until morning to sleep.

Afternoon, Day 4
You're ugly

Adllal catches the attention of four mutated humans guarding the entrance of the goblins’ lair, luring them into the deadly charge of his companions. With the guards out of the way, our heroes enter the lair and shortly find the main room full of goblins and mutants. Their hobgoblin leader introduces himself as Erogly, takes a drink from the acid pool in the middle of the cave, and attacks. The goblins scatter as he plows through. Although Noot took a terrible blow, she in turn dealt enough damage to neutralize Erogly.

Morning, Day 4
The plot thickens

Tracking the goblins to their lair with the guidance of Adllal, our heroes notice a suspicious set of tracks and witness the shocking abduction of an Izmiran army soldier. After being attacked and incapacitated by his companion from Oremis’s personal guard, the soldier was carried off by goblins.

Bondegnute challenged the guard to surrender or be captured, and being sufficiently intimidated by the hostile parties, the guard attempted to flee. He transformed into a Quasit, a small flying devil, and flew at top speed to escape. This tactic was no match for the speedily launched projectiles and searing vision of the seven heavens that immediately beset it. Having plummeted to the ground, the Quasit was captured and questioned.

Its answers reveal the cooperation of Oremis and his guard with the goblins to slaughter the citizens of Demir but shed no light on the driving force behind this evil. It is beheaded and its corpse and armor collected for evidence. Virva notices infernal markings inside the armor, which must wait until after her next prayer vigil for identification.

While not entirely certain of next steps, our heroes agree to continue their immediate mission to fight the goblins menacing Demir. (A possible stragegy would involve delivering a message and avoiding Oremis by traveling to Ilyria via Karaburun.) They crest a ridge overlooking the goblin camp in time to see two goblins carrying the inert Izmiran soldier into their lair. Virva notices an altar to Graz’zt, influential lord of the demon abyss, known to involve himself in the material plane in support of tyrants and conquest.

Day 3
The teeth are bared

Lord Oremis and company reach Demir at sunset. It is a mountain town with many walls and palisades. Goblins riding wargs shortly attack. Adllal, Sayen, and Virva de Seyhan find themselves defending the town’s road by the river entrance and fend off a dozen of the attackers. They hurriedly cross the river to rescue several miners in a rickety canteen from stray wargs.

A brief exchange with Oremis leaves Virva sharply brushed off when she offered healing, but imbued with purpose to track the goblins to their lair in the morning. Only Adllal suspected anything sinister in the exchange.

(off camera) Bondegnute Bestingne was among the soldiers defending the upriver end of the town.

Day 2

(off camera) Lord Oremis and company depart from Apala.

Day 1
It begins!

While waiting for official assistance to seek out the evil source of monsters recently assailing Apala, Virva de Seyhan bides her time helping the sick and wounded in and near the temple of Pelor. Traveling Sayen performs in the marketplace to raise the spirits of a weary populace and steps in to provide a timely distraction as newcomer Adllal tests the patience of town guards. Sayen leads Adllal to find the water fountain in the temple of Pelor just as a showy procession enters the marketplace. Bondegnute Bestingne joins the rush of people converging in the temple of Pelor to get out of the way, but the procession leads exactly there.

Lord Oremis emerges from the procession to speak to head cleric Ithamar, who soon calls up Virva de Seyhan to speak with the lord. Virva is recruited with ease to join Oremis’s quest to fight evil. He departs to visit the bey, Lord Levent. Griogar appears, anxious to gain audience with Oremis. Curious PC’s converge. Virva assures Griogar that she can speak to Oremis when he returns to collect her, and he reports that goblins from inside the mountains have been attacking Demir. Lights, chanting, and scattered human bones have lent sinister import to the human captives taken. Griogar believes that the goblins “consort with demons.”

For armor maintenance, Bondegnute and Adllal pay a visit to Ilkin’s Smithy, where they witness a shouting match between Ilkin and Kallisto. Adllal pays homage to Kord at Ilkin’s family shrine and learns that the shrine’s sword has been lost with Ilkin’s missing son. Virva awaits the return of Oremis fully armored until sundown, when she is convinced to join her new acquaintances for supper. All are interested in going to track down the goblins.


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