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  • Calendar dates

    No more campaign based dates from here out...switching to actual [[Calendar | Calendar]] dates, based on the Forgotten Realms calendar. Day 1 => 10 Leaffall. Day 29 => 8 The Rotting.

  • The heroes

    Notes about our heroes: [[:adllal | Adllal]], [[:bondgenoot | Knute]], [[:sayen | Sayen]], [[:virva | Virva]], and Pheadrus. *Watch order (without Phaedrus)* _Night 1_: Sayen, Knute, Knute, Adllal, Virva, Virva _Night 2_: Sayen, Knute, Adllal, …

  • Houserules

    The Arke campaign uses a modified version of _Dungeons & Dragons_ 3.5 Edition. All rules are as presented in the _Dungeons & Dragons_ 3.5 core rulebooks and supplements, with the following changes. h2. Hit Points The heroes gain hit points equal to …

  • Calendar

    Edda follows the Forgotten Realms calendar, using the common names of the months. Each month has three weeks of ten days. Five one-day holidays fall between months: Midwinter, Greengrass, Midsummer, Highharvestide and The Feast of the Moon. 1 - …