Apala is a small town, and the capital of Apala Province in western Izmir. It has a population of approximately 1,200, the majority of which are human.

The Apalan government is a mutual effort between the local millet of elders, headed by Dion, and the bey (or lord), Levent. The millet has governed day-to-day affairs in the town since its founding. The bey was appointed by the King Dragomir to oversee the province, as Apala grew to a regional trade center.

Apala is situated on the eastern edge of the Aslantas Forest, on the eastern coast of the Seyhan River. The town crest is a silver dragon on a red field with two crossed arrows. The name Apala means “clever name.”


Apala started as a fishing village during Izmir’s western expansion. As neighboring villages sprung up, most of the local resources were sent to Apala on the Seyhan River. Apala’s market grew rapidly, and the town expanded in equal step.

As the town grew, it saw increasing attacks by gnolls from the Canavar Plains, and goblins from the Aydin Mountains. King Dragomir appointed Lord Levent to oversee the province. Shortly after, Apala was sacked by a massive raid of combined gnoll and goblin forces.

Apala’s population of approximately 2,000 has since been diminished to nearly 1,200, and many homes remain ruined or blighted. An Izmiran army company has been deployed to the province, under command of Captain Feridun, to root out the attackers and establish peace.

Notable Residents

  • Altan – Town founder and populist member of the millet.
  • Bion – Ilkin’s son, rescued by the heroes after being kidnapped on a sales trip to Karaburun.
  • Ceren – Cruel halfling woman and master of the local thieves’ guild.
  • Corinna – Entrepreneurial Izmiran noble.
  • Deniz – Daughter of Symeon and fierce leader of the town militia.
  • Dion – Eldest resident and head of the millet, widely loved and often incognito.
  • Ilkin – Burly human weaponsmith; Ilkin’s Smithy is considered the best smith in town.
  • Ithamar – Bombastic head priest of the Apalan temple to Pelor.
  • Kallisto – Halfling wizard, weaponsmith, and regular rival to Ilkin for using magical production to undercut costs.
  • Bey Levent – The local bey (lord), an honorable and duty-driven young noble.
  • Savas – Pious head priest of Apala’s temple to Bahamut.
  • Sevgi – Flirtatious half-elf bard, and mistress of Avandra’s hostel.
  • Siani – Private and off-putting devotee of the Raven Queen, and town gravekeeper.
  • Shianek – Daughter and assistant of Ilkin.
  • Symeon – Town founder and pragmatic (if curmudgeonly) member of the millet.
  • Timotea – Excitable head priest of Apala’s temple to Moradin.
  • Yannic – Ilkin’s daughter, a quietly loyal helper in the smithy.
  • Yonca – Devout and bull-headed dwarf devotee of Pelor.


Apala, like Izmir, is dedicated to Bahamut, and supports a well-appointed temple on the hill beside the bey’s manor. The numerous craftspeople and laborers venerate Moradin. Most other locals worship Pelor, whose temple focuses on social work and evangelism. A hostel to Avandra set on the eastern road also sees frequent patronage from travelers.


Ilkin the weaponsmith maintains a shrine to Kord in his smith, as part of his family’s tradition. The traditional sword displayed in his shrine is missing, lost with his son Bion.


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