Izmir is a monarchy on the southern coast of the Great Sea. The capital of Izmir is Illyria.


Izmir is a limited theocratic monarchy. A monarch is named by the Shining Order of Paladins, through communion with Bahamut, the patron god of Izmir. Izmir operates under the rule of law, as established at semi-annual councils between the king, the Shining Order, and Izmiran nobility. Representatives from various provinces and townships are often permitted to speak, but not vote. The laws of Izmir are primarily determined by Bahamut’s will and influence, through the Shining Order.

The most recent monarch was King Dragomir, who died three years ago. The Shining Order was disbanded shortly after Dragomir’s death. The Izmiran nobility is organizing a council to determine the best course of action.


Izmir is a majority lawful good nation. The people are forthright, hardy and generous. Izmirans place a high regard on extended family lines, and nearly every Izmiran takes pride in one or another famous relative. Because a strong values for connectedness, Izmiran culture dictates travelers, widows and the poor be treated with equal generosity as family.

In recent years, Izmir has fallen into economic depression under the weight of frequent warfare. The people have become embittered and weary. Many maintain traditional Izmiran fortitude and hope, but it is less normative to see generosity given to strangers. With uncertain politics, distrust and suspicion have begun to take root.


Izmir’s patron god is Bahamut, although veneration of all good-aligned deities is widely accepted. Worship of neutral deities is permitted, while public worship of evil deities is usually forbidden.


Izmir is based strongly on Turkey, and the historic cultures that have inhabited the region. Most notably, Izmir’s music, architecture, language, and styles of dress all resemble those from the Anatolian peninsula.

In addition to Turkey, Izmir draws from English and Greek styles, most notably the political and military structures and technologies.


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