Welcome to Edda

Arke is an epic fantasy campaign about the forces that shape the world, and our place in it.

The campaign is set in Edda, a world established on the ruins of its past. Over 300 years ago, an unknown cataclysm blasted an enormous crater in the center of the civilized world. Since then people have migrated, settled, and formed new nations. Knowledge from that time has faded from memory, but countless legends and myths remain. The crater has become the Great Sea, a region few dare cross. At the center is an island, Arke, the subject of countless myths and legends.

Gods, celestials and demons interact with the world with some frequency. The celestial heavens are literally just above the clouds, and the infernal hells deep below the ground. Daring adventurers might gain entry to either realm by climbing the highest mountains or searching the depths of the earth and seas.

The campaign uses a houseruled version of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition. Since the campaign is ongoing, there’s limited information available. The Wiki is the campaign’s primary resource, along with the characters. Allienola maintains the Adventure Log.


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