21 - 28 Ches

Out of the deep

Guided by a spell from Phaedrus, Sayen, Noot, Adllal, and Virva swim to the bottom of the sea in pursuit of the kraken. They descend to a graveyard of ships, dragged unwillingly to rest, broken, on the smooth sea floor. Soon they enter the kraken’s lair, with hopes of quietly surprising the monster. As they find it, the kraken completes some kind of interaction with an altar in its cave that imbues it with demonic strength. Its increased strength and fiery eye surprise our heroes, and the fight begins badly for them. Finally they destroy the altar, and swiftly thereafter the kraken itself. Virva recognizes the altar’s false diety as the demon prince Yeathan, who poses as god of the evil depths.

Swimming through the caverns, our heroes find seven human prisoners of the kraken, living (barely) in pockets of air. One of them is alone and shaking in a cage full of dismembered corpses. They all express amazement; they never imagined they would be rescued from this deep, evil place. Once they have all been blessed with the ability to breathe underwater, they swim slowly up to the surface. Sayen signals the Bestendige ship to retrieve them. The rescued prisoners gratefully eat and sleep.

Torbin is delighted to learn about all the sunken ships and the kraken’s treasure. The dwarves take it on themselves to retrieve all of the valuables the following morning, and the journey resumes midday. The rest of the voyage to Majorca is uneventful.



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