29 Ches

Bad kitty kitty

The ship takes port at the island of Majorca. Torbin declares two days of shore leave for his crew. With research on his mind, Phaedrus goes off in search of the island’s wizards. The kraken’s prisoners quickly depart to send messages to their families. The one who was found alone, Zaadi, turns out to be very well connected on Majorca. He quickly obtains fine clothing and offers to show our heroes around the island. With his dashing charisma and adventurous reputation, he makes a lively tour guide and greets everyone he meets. He leads our heroes to the best places to trade goods, and he invites them to spend the night at his merchant friend’s villa.

The merchant and Zaadi, in the custom of the land, push unending food and drink upon the party. Adllal has to be helped to his room when the evening ends. Rooms for each of our heroes and Zaadi are ready and waiting on the second floor of the villa, and they take some welcome rest.

In the middle of the full-mooned night, our heroes awake at the sound of a loud crashing noise. Zaadi’s thick, wooden door was smashed through. Virva rushes to the room to see evidence of a weretiger transformation and yells out a warning. Servants scream and hide in their rooms. Sayen spots movement on the roof. Adllal and Noot soon find the creature rifling through the study. Virva calls out not to hurt him; he’s still Zaadi inside. They manage to catch him before he gets away and knock him out long enough to chain him. During the fight, Sayen uses a magic brooch to protect herself with a blur effect, but a small air elemental flies out. It laughs as it escapes and speeds away, leaving the brooch useless.

While Zaadi himself is not evil, his weretiger form is. Our heroes question him. Zaadi had climbed the island’s mountain, finding a portal and entering it. The desert was on the other side, and as he explored that unexpected destination, he encountered a weretiger and was bitten. He retreated through the portal, not knowing he was afflicted with the condition. Weretiger-Zaadi refers to the desert weretiger as his “father” and expresses his desire to return to the desert to kill him. More urgently, he taunts our heroes with the destructive potential of the escaped elemental. If it runs amok in the desert, it could kill many people as a sandy whirlwind, leaving their bodies for the necromancer to turn into undead. Yes, the necromancer still exists, Weretiger-Zaadi says, though in a diminished form. He encourages our heroes to look outside and see the portal lighted up as a result of the elemental’s passage through the portal, and sure enough, he is correct.

Once they have as much information as possible, Virva removes Zaadi’s lycanthrope affliction, to the great relief and gratitude of both Zaadi and his merchant friend. She inquires of Pelor whether to detour from the current mission, and Pelor directs her to the desert.



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