30 Ches - 2 Tarsakh

Tiger tiger burning bright

After all are restored from the weretiger incident, our heroes trek to the portal and pass through to the desert. Adllal easily tracks the air elemental. After some travel, they come upon a group of weretigers crouching behind a rock formation. Virva speaks to the tribe’s leader, Najima, explaining their purpose in the desert. The weretigers invite our heroes to weather the cold desert night in their village.

A petrified forest surrounds the villlage. Najima explains that the forest died around the time of the great battle with the necromancer. The city to the east remains an evil, corrupting place. They swap stories of the undead battle. Virva quietly informs Najima of current events and potential dangers. The party sleeps and heads east in the morning, which happens to be the direction of the air elemental.

They encounter three zombies and a swarm of undead scarabs which focus their attacks on Virva. A small orb hovers above, signifying a scrying spell. Our heroes start to move on but are surprised by a rain of blood that storms in unnaturally fast. The few drops of blood that catch our heroes before they can enter Sayen’s magical hut have a depressing effect. In the morning, they wake to a brown landscape of stinking, sticky, bloody dunes. A small oasis, somehow untouched by the blood rain, stands out. Our heroes head for the oasis.



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